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Rodan + Fields® will allow future Australian Consultants to pre-enrol in December 2016. As we work toward this market entry, we are committed to ensuring that you are kept fully informed.

1. When is Rodan + Fields coming to Australia?

We are launching R+F Australia in 2017. We are currently building a technology platform to support our global expansion. This is a huge undertaking and includes implementing new technology infrastructure that touches virtually every aspect of our IT operations. Our IT Team has reviewed and revised the globalisation roadmap to ensure that the systems are not only solidly designed, but thoroughly quality tested before we launch. We want to launch in true R+F style by providing a high-quality experience to our new Australian Consultants.

2. Where can I learn more about Rodan + Fields Australia?

Please visit our prelaunch website for information about our Company, products, community and the business opportunity.

3. What is pre-Enrolment?

Pre-Enrolment is your first step toward becoming a Rodan + Fields® Australian Consultant. During the pre-Enrolment process, you will identify your Sponsor and invite your own prospects to pre-Enrol on your team. Pre-Enrolees will have access to training and communication tools to support their future R+F businesses. In addition, Pre-Enrolees will receive a special gift from Rodan + Fields for their commitment to joining us upon our launch into Australia.

4. How can I pre-Enrol with Rodan + Fields?

You can pre-Enrol through our prelaunch website.

5. Will it cost anything to be a Pre-Enrolee?

There is no charge to be a Pre-Enrolee. At the time of launch, you will be asked to sign the Rodan + Fields Terms & Conditions and select a Business Kit. At this time, you will be charged for the price of the Business Kit.

6. Will I be able to build a team as a Pre-Enrolee?

After you pre-Enrol, you may invite prospects to pre-Enrol under you. You will be provided with a unique link to share with your Australian prospects who intend to join you in business and wish to be Pre-Enroled on your team.

7. Will I be able to see who has Pre-Enroled on my team?

Yes, your “Me” page will enable you to view the Pre-Enrolees as they join your direct team.

8. Will I be able to sell product as a Pre-Enrolee?

No. As a Pre-Enrolee you will not be eligible to sell products or participate in the Rodan + Fields Compensation plan.

9. Will I have my own Rodan + Fields website as a Pre-Enrolee?

You will not have your own website as a Pre-Enrolee, but you will have access to your own Pre-Enrolee account page which will provide you with access to training and pre-launch information. In addition, you will be provided with your own unique link to send to prospects who wish to pre-Enrol on your team.

10. Will I be bound to any terms and conditions as a Pre-Enrolee?

Yes. You will be required to read and agree to the Rodan + Fields Pre-Enrolment Terms and Conditions before you submit your pre-Enrolment form. You will have an opportunity to review these Terms and Conditions on the Australia prelaunch website prior to submitting your pre-Enrolment application.

11. What if I change my mind about becoming a Consultant after I have Pre-Enroled?

You will not be bound to sign up as a Consultant; however, if you change your mind again and decide to Enrol as a Consultant after launch, you will need to Enrol under your original Sponsor. Should you wish to Enrol with a different Sponsor, you must wait six months from the date of your pre-Enrolment before Enroling under someone other than the Sponsor you selected during pre-Enrolment.

12. What if I want to choose a different Sponsor when the market launches?

The terms and conditions of pre-Enrolment require that you select the same Sponsor when you Enrol as a Consultant that you selected for pre-Enrolment. Rodan + Fields will audit all Enrolments when the market launches to ensure that Consultants do in fact Enrol with the same Sponsor chosen at the time of their pre-Enrolment. Should you wish to Enrol with a different Sponsor, you must wait six months from the date of your pre-Enrolment before Enroling under someone other than the Sponsor you selected during pre-Enrolment.

13. What sort of training will I get as a Pre-Enrolee?

As a Pre-Enrolee you will have access to training and communication tools to support your future R+F business. As these resources become available, you will receive communication from R+F.

14. Will I be automatically signed up as a Consultant once Rodan + Fields moves out of the pre-Enrolment phase and into launch?

No. Rodan + Fields will notify all Pre-Enrolees when they are eligible to Enrol as a Consultant.

15. After the anticipated launch date, how do I Enrol as a Consultant in Australia?

More information on the Enrolment process will be made available closer to the launch on the Australia prelaunch website. Pre-Enrolees will also be contacted via email with Enrolment details.

16. Will I be able to sell products and build my team in all states across Australia?

At the launch of our Australian market, individuals from all across Australia can join R+F as Consultants. At this time, we will not be launching in New Zealand and will not be able to ship to New Zealand for Retail Customers, Preferred Customers or Consultants.

17. Will I be able to build a team in the U.S. or Canada as well?

Yes, once we have launched Rodan + Fields in Australia, you will be able to build a team in the U.S. and/or Canada, as well as sell to Retail Customers and Preferred Customers in the U.S. and/or Canada. Please note that at the current time individuals in Quebec may sign up as Retail Customers or Preferred Customers, but may not sign up as Consultants.

18. How soon will new Australian Consultants be able to sell products to Preferred Customers and Retail Customers?

When Rodan + Fields officially opens in Australia, the Rodan + Fields-approved Australian Product Portfolio will be available for sale to Australian Customers and Consultants alike.

19. I’m committed to becoming a Rodan + Fields Consultant in Australia when you launch and would like to begin promoting my future business. What tools can be used to promote the building of a business in Australia during the prelaunch phase?

The best tool available is our Australia prelaunch website. Only Company-produced marketing assets regarding the products and business system in Australia may be used to promote your business. Prospective Consultants may not create materials, flyers or other documents to market businesses or promote opportunity meetings. Prospective Consultants may only use materials provided by Rodan + Fields® during any prelaunch or post-launch meetings. Please consult with your U.S. and/or Canada Rodan + Fields Consultant who has introduced you to Rodan + Fields or reach out to for more information.

20. Can I use social media to reach out to my contacts?

The use of social media, such as a personal Facebook account, is allowed during the prelaunch phase. However, you may not create Facebook Business Pages or appear to be representing the Rodan + Fields Home Office in your posts. It is very important to note that all prospects must disclose their full names on all social media postings and conspicuously identify themselves as R+F Australian prospects. Anonymous postings or use of an alias is prohibited.

21. Can I create a Facebook Group Page and invite my future Australian team to join as a way of communicating information and building momentum?

Yes. This type of Facebook Page is permitted as long as it is not used as a prospecting page during prelaunch. Your Facebook Group Page can be used to communicate with a group of people that have been added and approved by an administrator (in this case, you). We recommend that you set the privacy setting to “secret” so that your page and its membership cannot be searched. Again, it is very important to note that all prospects must disclose their full names on all social media postings, and conspicuously identify themselves as R+F Australian prospects. Anonymous postings or use of an alias is prohibited.

22. Can I advertise my future Rodan + Fields business?

Australian prospects are not permitted to advertise the R+F products or the program on television, radio, billboards, and national print, online publications, through mass mailings or through channels otherwise deemed inappropriate by R+F.

Prospects may not advertise under the "help wanted" section of any newspaper or other directory, nor may any advertisement state or imply that the prospect is seeking to employ or hire an individual or that the prospect is an agent or recruiter for the Company.

23. Should I create a website to generate interest in the new R+F business that I plan to launch?

No, we recommend that you do NOT create a website to generate interest in the new R+F business that you plan to launch; instead prospects should send prospective Customers and prospective business partners to the R+F Australia prelaunch website for more information.

Prospects may not register any domain name or email address that consists of, or contains, any R+F Trademark, R+F content, or any mark confusingly similar, nor should Prospects use such R+F intellectual property in the body of a website. All domain names and e-mail addresses must contain unbranded terms only, such as “cosmetics,” “skincare,” “beauty,”etc.

24. Can I send email messages to Australian prospects in the same way that I am able to send to U.S. Customers and U.S. prospects? Tell me more about the Australian Anti-Spam law.

In Australia, the Spam Act 2003 prohibits use of personal information to send unsolicited marketing messages. This includes all electronic messages such as e-mails, text messages or messages sent using private messaging platforms (for example Facebook, WhatsApp or LinkedIn) that offer, advertise or promote R+F products or the R+F program.

The three primary requirements of the Spam Act include:

  1. CONSENT: The recipient must have consented to the message being sent. The consent may be express, such as the sender clicking on an “I Consent” radio button, or reasonably inferred from the individual’s conduct or other existing relationships. For example, if you already have a business relationship with the recipient or the recipient is part of your downline, consent could be reasonably inferred in these circumstances.
  2. CONTACT INFO: Your message must clearly and accurately identify you as the sender of the message and include your contact information.
  3. UNSUBSCRIBE: Your message must provide the ability for the recipient to unsubscribe, which the recipient can use to opt-out of receiving such future messages. The unsubscribe feature must be easy to locate and use, and must be available to the recipient at no cost or minimal cost. Unsubscribe requirements must be honoured within 5 working days.

In addition to the above, Australian prospects must be told, at the time their information is collected, that it may be used for this purpose and how their privacy will be protected. So if the prospect to which you wish to send an email was not so informed, you may not use their information in this manner (as consent would not have been obtained).

All Australian Pre-Enrolees will be informed that their information will be shared with their upline. If, however, you received the prospect’s information via another means, please bear in mind the requirements detailed above.

25. What activities will be conducted in Australia by the Rodan + Fields Home Office Team before the launch?

The Rodan + Fields Home Office Team will conduct a series of prelaunch events in February and March, during the prelaunch period. These will be held throughout Australia and will be open to all U.S. and Canada Consultants and prospects, as well as Australian prospects. Visit the Australia prelaunch website for details and registration links.

26. In what Australian cities will Rodan + Fields hold prelaunch events?

Locations and dates will be announced closer to the event dates. Visit the Australia prelaunch website for prelaunch event information.

27. What meetings can be held during the prelaunch period with prospective Australian Consultants or Australian Customers?

Prior to the official launch of business in Australia, you may conduct meetings or phone calls with Australian prospects to share approved prelaunch information as outlined above. You may also directly email your existing contacts (e.g., friends and current business contacts) without using any forms of spam or mass emailing techniques.

28. During the pre-enrolment process, what information will be required?

Pre-enrolment is simple. One must provide the following information:

  • First and Last name
  • Contact Information (Email and Mobile Phone)
  • Address
  • Connection to Rodan + Fields (if Applicable)
29. As an Australian Consultant, will I be paid commissions in AUD dollars for the business transacted in Australia?

All Consultants will be paid in the same country currency of their country of Enrolment for all business transacted in global markets.

30. Will the products currently available in the U.S. be available in Australia?

At launch, the Australian product assortment will not be the same as the U.S. assortment.
Rodan + Fields conducted extensive market research and user testing to better understand the skin care needs of this particular market. In Australia, many consumers are focused on looking and feeling good in their skin at any age. Australians are also particularly sensitive to the appearance of sun damage. For the launch, Rodan + Fields has selected the REDEFINE, REVERSE and SOOTHE Regimens which we found to be particularly well suited for this market. The launch portfolio will include the AMP MD, REDEFINE Eye Cream, Lip and Night Serum, ENHANCEMENTS Micro-Dermabrasion Paste, Lip Shield and ESSENTIALS Gauze Pads to round out the portfolio with different price points.
Due to Australian Government regulations on certain ingredients Rodan + Fields has elected to not release the UNBLEMISH Regimen or ACUTE CARE into the market at the launch. More information regarding our product portfolio will be made available closer to the official launch date.

31. Will Australian products be priced in Australian dollars?

Yes. Pricing will be in Australian dollars and will be priced approximately 20% higher than U.S. pricing. More information regarding our product pricing will be made available closer to the official launch date.

32. Will products be shipped to Australian Customers from the U.S. or will there be an Australian distribution centre?

All products shipping to Australian Customers will be shipped from a distribution centre in Australia.

33. What is your return policy in Australia?

Rodan + Fields products are backed by a 60-day money back guarantee in the U.S., Canada, and Australia. If for any reason a Customer or Consultant is not completely satisfied, he or she may return the unused portion of the product within 60 days from the date of order for a full refund of the purchase price, excluding shipping charges.

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